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Sanyuan Branch, the former foreign affairs department of Qilu Ethylene Construction headquarters, is a subordinate directly under QPEC and the member affiliation of the translation service committee under the translators association of China with independent capacity for business. The Branch consists of Translation Div., Review Div and Marketing Div and is staffed with 18 full time interpreters and more than 70 part-time translators. The Branch ranks importantly for its strong interpreter force in the petrochemical sector.

Since its establishment, Sanyuan Branch has been engaged itself in providing interpretation and translation service for various large scale petrochemical projects, including but not limited to Shandong Qilu 300ktpa ethylene project, Qilu 450ktpa ethylene revamping and expansion project, Shengli refinery revamping and expansion project, Qilu 720ktpa ethylene revamping and expansion project, Heilongjiang Daqing ethylene project, Shandong Shijiu Jetty's coal terminal project, Gansu Lanzhou ABS resin project, Beijing Yanshan ethylene revamping and expansion project, Guangdong Daya Bay nuclear power plant, Zibo chemical fiber plant, Guangdong Maoming ethylene project, Guangdong Kaiping DSP expansion project, Kuwait Ahamaidi refinery restoration project, Bangladesh Chittagong Eastern refinery project, Inner Mongolia Wuhai Haiji Chlorine and Caustic Soda project, Shanghai SECCO ethylene project,PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Complex,Qingdao refinery of SINOPEC etc. Sanyuan Branch has won a high esteem among its customers for its premium-quality service in interpretation and translation.

Sanyuan Branch undertakes to conduct its business in good faith and provide its customers with reliable and premium-quality service.

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(Sanyuan Branch) possesses the member certificate of China Translation Service Committee

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