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Qingdao Branch is a subordinate under SQPEC, engaged in engineering design for civil buildings, municipal projects, utilities and petrochemical facilities (in the name and on behalf of SQPEC). Qingdao Branch is staffed by more than 30 engineering technicians and managerial administers, among which 10 are with senior technical titles, 17 with middle rank of the technical titles, 3 with 1st grade project manager certificate and 4 with national registered structure engineer title. The administrative office area is 1,400m2.

TThe Branch has so far accomplished more than 200 engineering design items (the total floor space is over 3,000,000m2) since the last ten years and are awarded more than one time various honorary titles by state and provincial governmental authorities for its achievements in the engineering sector. It has good achievements and reputation.

  • Tel: (0532)86977509 86977508
  • Fax: (0532)86977509 86977508
  • Address: 17th Floor, Hualin Plaza, Xiangjiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Qingdao City, Shandong Province
  • Post code: 266555