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The Geotechnical Survey & Measure Branch is a subordinate of the company with Grade A qualification for undertaking geotechnical works and engineering measurement and it is specialized in various businesses as petrological survey, engineering measurement and consultation thereof.

The Branch boasts of its advanced and complete equipment and installations for geotechnical survey, measurement and inspection & test devices. Its survey and measurement system for petrological works is one based upon PC network and equipped with various updated survey-specific software and administrator. Computerized integration of data processing with results printout for engineering survey and measurement has achieved so far in the Branch.

The Brach has, since its establishment, accomplished more than 2000 petrological survey and measurements for various petrochemical and civil engineering projects and won high reputation among its customers. It has been awarded more than one time various honorary titles by the national Construction Ministry, SINOPEC, and Shandong Province for its achievements in the engineering sector. It was rated as an integrity model in the national engineering survey sector in 2007. In 2015, the Branch was rated by Zibo Housing and Construction Bureau as a Class AAA organization in terms of its integrity level in the engineering survey and design sector of Zibo. According to the Bulletin on Result of Industrial level Integrity Assessment for 15 Enterprises Including Daqing Petrochemical in 2015 (No:Sinopec Kanshexie [2015]163)issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Survey and Design Association, the Branch was rated as an enterprise with Class AAA Integrity in China’s petroleum and chemical engineering survey and design sector, which is valid during Aug 19, 2015-Aug 18, 2018.

The Geotechnical Survey and Measurement Branch has, based upon its proven project management experience in petrological survey and engineering measurement, as well as its robust technical strength and reliable service, created a good image among its national customers.

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  • Address: Address: 171, Huangong Road, Linzi, Zibo Shandong Province
  • Post code: 255400