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Main Projects in Cooperation with Oversea Co.
S/N Description Design Capacity Time into Operation Cooperator Services Provided by QPEC
Licensor/Engineering Co.
1 600ktpa PDH plant in Jiangsu Fenghai high tech Material Co., Ltd 600,000 t/y PDH Under Construction UOP of USA Design
2 660ktpa PDH, PDH plant in 450ktpa high performance PP project and plant-wide utility and auxiliary facilities 660,000 t/y PDH Under Construction UOP of USA Design
3 700ktpa PDH plant in Zibo Qixiangtengda Chemical Co 700,000 t/y PDH 2021.12 UOP of USA Design
4 600ktpa styrene plant for Lianyungang Petrochemical Co 600,000 t/y Styrene Under construction badger of USA Design
5 The 450KTPA PDH Plant of Phase II Program in Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co., Ltd 450000 t/y Under Construction UOP of USA Design
6 120000T/Y Olefin Plant of Dongming Qianhai Co. 300000 T/Y Mix-dehydrogenation Plant; 48000 T/Y Butene Isomerization Plant (Conversion into pure isobutene) 2017.5 UOP USA, Leander Basel USA Design
7 500,000T/A PDH Plant of Hebei Haiwei Traffic Facility Group Co. 500000 T/Y 2017.3 Lummus, US Design
8 450,000 T/Y Olefin Production Plant with Light Alkane Dehydrogenation and Comprehensive Consuming Project of Qixiang Tengda Co. 450000 T/Y Iso-butane Mixing Dehydrofenation Plant 2016.10 UOP, US Design + Supervision
9 750,000 T/Y PDH Plant of Integration Project of Epoxy Propane and Acrylate for Yantai Wanhua Co. 750000 T/Y 2015.9 UOP, US Design + Supervision
10 450,000 T/Y PDH Plant of Zhejiang Sanjin Co. 450000 T/Y 2014.10 UOP, US Design
11 450,000 T/Y Propylene Plant of Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co. Ltd. 450000 T/Y 2014.8 UOP, US Design
12 600,000 T/Y PDH Plant 600000 T/Y 2013.6 Lummus, US Design
13 50,000 T/Y NBR Plant of Ningbo Shunze Co. 50000 T/Y 2011.4 Russia Rubber Research Institute Design
14 115,000 T/Y OCU Plant of Fushun Hengcheng Petrochemical Co. 115000 T/Y 2011.11 Lummu, US Design
15 Food and Pharmaceutical Grade White Oil Plant of Tianjin Kaiwei Co. 200000 T/Y 2012.1 Chevron Co., US Design
16 500,000 T/Y Styrene Plant of Tianjin Dagu Co. 500000 T/Y 2010 S&W, US Design
17 Ciba Fine Chemical High Efficient Pigment Project 500 T/Y 2008 Ciba Fine Chemical Co., Switzerland Design
18 Architectural Engineering Design of 2nd Phase Glass Sanitary Project of Kohler (China) Co. 100000 m2 2009 Kohler (China) Investment Co., US Design
19 Ethylene Complex of Shanghai SECCO 900000 T/Y 2005 ABB Lummus, US/ BP, Britain Project Management
20 TXIB/TEXANOL Plant of Qilu-Eastman Joint Venture Co. 15000/12200 T/Y 2004 Eastman Co., US Supervision
21 HDPE Plant of Daqing Petrochemical Co. 200000 T/Y 2004 Technimont, Italy Supervision
22 Ethylene Complex of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 450000 T/Y→720000 T/Y 2004 ABB Lummus, US Contract
23 PVC Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 370000 T/Y 2004 West Chemical Co., /Washington Group Co., US Contract
24 VCM Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 370000 T/Y 2004 Hoechsh Co./UHDE Co., Germany Design + Contract
25 Revamping of PVC Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 186000 T/Y→234000 T/Y 2000 Chisso Co, Japan Design + Contract
26 Revamping of VCM Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 190000 T/Y→234000 T/Y 2000 Hoechsh Co./UHDE Co. and Krupp Co., Germany Design + Contract
27 Ionic Membrane Caustic Soda Plant Qilu Petrochemical Co. 50000 T/Y 1999 Dinorah Co., Italy Contract
28 Revamping of 2-ethyl Hexanol and N-Butanol Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 70000 T/Y→120000 T/Y 1998 Kvaemer Co., Britain Design + Contract
29 HDPE Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 140000 T/Y 1998 DSM Co., Netherlands/ Technimont Co., Italy Design + Contract
30 Revamping of SBR Plant of Petrochemical Co. 180000 T/Y→130000 T/Y 1998 Zeon Co. Japan Design + Contract
31 Revamping of Ethylene Complex of Petrochemical Co. 330000 T/Y→450000 T/Y 1998 ABB Lummus, US/Toyo Co., Japan Contract
32 Revamping of Product-discharge System of HDPE Plant of Petrochemical Co. 140000 T/Y 1997 Union Carbide, US Design + Contract
33 Fatty Acid/Fatty Amine Plant of Shandong Boxin Co. 13000/6000 T/Y 1996 Ghana Co., Italy Design
34 Styrene Plant of Maoming Petrochemical Co. 100000 T/Y 1996 Lummus, US/Snamprogetti Co., Italy Design
35 Butylene-1 Plant of Maoming Petrochemical Co. 15000 T/Y 1996 Zeon Co./JGC, Japan Design
36 Revamping of Cracking Furnace for Ethylene Complex of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 300000 T/Y→330000 T/Y 1995 Lummus, US/ Toyo Co., Japan Design + Contract
37 Polystyrene Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 36000 T/Y 1995 Toyo Co., Japan Design + Contract
38 Butylene-1 Plant of Xinjiang Ethylene Complex Petrochemical Co. 10000 T/Y 1995 Snamprogetti Co., Italy Design
39 PO Unit of Zhangdian Chemical Plant 10000 T/Y 1991 JGC, Japan Design
40 Polyether Unit of Zhangdian Chemical Plant 6000 T/Y 1991 Chisso Co., Japan Design
41 Unsaturated Resin Unit of Yantai Chlorine & Caustic Soda Plant 10000 T/Y 1991 Rickhord Co, US Design
42 DOF Plant of Zibo Plasticizer Plant 50000 T/Y 1989 BASF Co., Germany Design
43 Styrene Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 60000 T/Y 1988 Lummus, US Design + Contract
44 Butylene-1 Plant of Synthetic Rubber Plant, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 15000 T/Y 1987 Zeon Co., Japan Design
45 SBR Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 80000 T/Y 1987 Zeon Co./Mitsubishi Co., Japan Design + Contract