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Technical equipment

We possess advanced and complete sets of technical equipment and have attained the standard for technical equipment and application assessment of the same in Class A designer as required by competent construction administrative authority of the country. Now there are nearly 1,000 technical survey and design equipment items operating in QPEC.

With rapid development of IT business and as driven by business reasons, we keep on updating our equipment. Now we have 70 sets of DELL T3600 high speed workstations, 640 sets of computers, four PC-based graph plotters, 150 printer, six large copy machines and multi-function stenographs. The main software applied for engineering design in our company include Smart 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Review, SmartPlant Instrument, PDMS, PDS, PRO II, CAESAR II, ASPEN, PKPM, SAP2000, midas Gen, F5, ANSYS, SW6, PVDesktop V5.8, EESV for large-scale electric power and electrical engineering design and AutoCAD etc. Now, 100% of the construction drawings are developed through CAD while the rate of CAD-based technical application in FSR and schematic design is above 98% with that based upon CAD application in schematic optimization being greater than 98%.

We have procured, communicated and developed more than 70 kinds of application software, including 59 for professional applications, eight for administration and more than 10 for computer systems ,where more than 10 software developed by us won prize of scientific and technical awards granted by Sinopec Qilu and two won the prize of outstanding software granted by Sinopec respectively.

We boast of our advanced approach for petrochemical engineering survey and physical works quality test, operating codes and as many as 210 sets of advanced instrument and equipment in such field.

LAN One   INTERGRAPH work stations 15Pcs
Network servers 20Pcs large engineering copy machines, plotting apparatus, blueprinting machines and multi-function stenographs 30Pcs
Computers 654Pcs inspection and detection equipment 143Pcs
Large software
- PES/PROII 6.01 (process)   - ELECTROLYTE (process)
- PES/HEXTRAN 9.01 (process)   - CAESARII4.4 (process)
- ASPEN ENGINEERING SULTE 11.1 (process)   - ASPEN FRAME WORK 2.3 (process)
- ASPEN LICENSE MANAGER 3.0 (process)   - PDS system (process and architecture)
Application software
- AUTOCAD (plotting)   - ANSYS 5.6.1 (equipment)
- SW6 3.0 (equipment)   - WINPCCAD (auto-control)
- PKPM(APM) (architecture)   - TECAD 1.4 (thermal power)
- PKPM(PMCAD and STS) (structure)   - SAP84 (structure)
- SCADWIN (structure)   - STAAD (structure)
- TSSD (structure)   - TLJCAD (structure)
- GLS (general plot plan)   - PKPM(WPM) (water supply and drainage)
- GPS (water supply and drainage)    
Software for project construction management and procurement
- P3(project management)   - SURETRAK(project management)
- EXP(project management)   - PROLOG(project management)
- PMIS(project management)   - PROJECT(project management)
Operation conditions of IT

QPEC has established LAN which is connected with Internet, and has basically realized paperless office. The information from the project departments at site is transmitted to the headquarters which will submit technical supports.